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Texas Polymer cement "overlays"

Polymer cement overlays, consisting of a proprietary blend of Portland cements, various
aggregates and polymer resins, were introduced over 20 years ago. The purpose of adding a
polymer resin to the cement and aggregate is to greatly increase the performance
characteristics and versatility of conventional cements, mortars and concrete materials. Unlike
conventional cement and concrete mixes, polymer cement overlays can be applied thinly or
thickly without fear of delamination or typical product failure. In addition, polymer cement
overlays are much more resistant to damage from salt, petrochemicals, UV, harsh weather
conditions and traffic wearing. Concrete Staining looks Amazing on this new Surface
Originally intended for use as a thin surface restoration material for concrete substrates,
polymer cement overlays were introduced into the architectural concrete and commercial
flooring industries in the early 80s. Subsequently, its use in these industries has become
standard. Polymer cement overlays are regarded as economical in providing long term,
durable renovation without the need for costly and continuous repairs associated with
deteriorating concrete surfaces
.Resurfacing for a new look on remodels
What we use for TEXAS concrete overlays...
DALLAS FT WORTH *Texas Style Rustic Concrete
Pics & Pricing Applications
* Skim coat/broom finish concrete resurfacing – Restore and protect damaged, pitted, flaking
and stained concrete back to the look of a new concrete surface.
* Concrete regrading & leveling – Repair and level concrete surfaces that have settled.
* Existing substrate redecorating and renovating – Alter the appearance of existing concrete or
wood substrates through applying "thin stamped" or "thin stained" overlays, creating new
textures, colors and designs. For use on commercial or resident pool deck, this frequently takes
the form of "splatter textures" or "knockdowns," in which polymer cement is applied to the
existing concrete substrate in a moderately textured finish (average of 1/8” thickness) in various
patterns. Often, the texture is knocked down with a trowel to slightly modify the appearance
and feel of the finished application. Dallas Fort Worth
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We service all of Texas and Oklahoma . We will travel all over the
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Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma City.
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